On The Anatomy

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i’ve said it before. i like process. mine involves inordinate amounts of doodling, lots of notes, and lots of bad ideas.

i dream of watching my favorite artists at work on their menial tasks and frantic doodle phases. don’t mean to presume anything here, but

New sletter

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I’m trying to step up my game a little bit here at the Command Center. I’m in the process of setting up a real live mailing list/newsletter system. If you’d like to stay informed of the latest rompings, please sign up and spread the good word.


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Three days ago, I shot a pig with a rifle.

Immediately following, Brandon put a knife in its throat and cut both of its carotid arteries. His blood flowed acquiescently among the hay beneath our feet. He died with grace and dignity.

There is a matter of extreme beauty in this act. An immeasurable elegance that exists in taking the life of an animal in order to sustain lives. These emotions are invariably accompanied by a supreme weight, the grave reality of ending a life irrespective of its end. Our work is not easy, but it is necessary.

This beauty, pure and tempered with hardship, is an integral stitch with which the quilt of agricultural lifestyles are knit. Farmers who sow community will inevitably lose their resultant crops to an environmental disaster, market collapse, or policy battle at some point.

While our consciences will be tried and crops will fail, the importance of our work will never wane. The revival of traditional agricultural practices and the reinvigoration of an agri-centric culture are paramount at this point in the reclamation of a functional food system.

Though the Agrarian Renaissance is rapidly expanding around the country, there remains a significant cognitive gap among much of our population. Ew, is that blood? You kill pigs? Murderer.

Thus, communication becomes equally important as practice. If we can properly, honestly, and beautifully convey what we do, why we do it, and even how we do what we do, the Renaissance will be more efficacious.

Even with the understanding that communication is imperative, however, it is no small undertaking to produce savvy media that will actually reach people.

It was from this theory that Farmrun was born, and shall we say, on this platform that we initiate the open call to filmmakers, designers, illustrators, web developers, photographers, anyone and everyone, to engage in this good work and spread the message.

Recent technological innovations have, in truly magnificent ways, democratized the field of media production, in the form of monetarily accessible, high quality machinery, and access to instantaneous distribution to the world via the internet.

The true beauty of the resources and infrastructure available to us is reflective of the nature of the Agrarian Renaissance, which is necessarily an inclusive movement. We need every body that is willing an able to join up and start growing.

Neither agricultural media production nor farming are proprietary practices. They belong to nobody and everybody. As we move forward, the two must go hand in hand. At this point in time, it is critical that as many able minds as possible join into the productive agrarian ranks.