State of the Farmrunion

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Thus marks a new chapter in the life of the universe. Namely, for Andrew and Farmstead Meatsmith, whose headquarters and home are moving to the south end of the island. Though I will continue on as part of the trifecta, I have moved to the lovely Island Meadow Farm. Just in time, too. Command Center 2.0 will be home to the forthcoming, newly decreed, next phase of Farmrun, the Business Phase.

We've got a lot of jobs lined up for 2012 already – there will be more instructional videos (and not just about pigs winkwink), there will be trips down the coast, down south and out east. There will be songing and seeding and slaughtering. The Things are moving swiftly and the Things are moving goodly.

This week Brandon and I went to a conference put on by the Seattle Chef's Collaborative, slaughtered four pigs, made blood sausage, headcheese, moved, and went to Besalu for second breakfast on sunday.

These are photograms.

Oh raucous

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Visited Orcas island for the first time earlier this week. Hung out with friends at Maple Rock Farm. They have nice trees and even better sunshine. There was bow hunting and 12 pounds of salmon, new friends, boat rides and no dearth of cookies.