It Has Arrived

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It turns out that it is not a fantastic idea to drink large amounts of apple cider in small amounts of time. Particularly if one’s stomach is not used to conversing with a half gallon of concentrated apple yumyum goodness in the span of several minutes. We’re not talking serious, life changing, “pull over the car cuzsomethingscomingoutandi’mnotquitesurewhere” kind of bad idea, but rather more of a rumbly gurgly, “maybe I should have thought about the welfare of the noses of those in proximity to me for the next 12 hours” situation. I have no regrets. The cider was fantastic. The farts were great. The donut was mediocre, to be honest, and that bite of pumpkin roll mingling with my buds was just about the pinnacle of my existence. I’ve got a thing for pumpkin flavored goodies.

It’s fall.

To The Heavens! They Declared, As They Began The Ascent

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I am on the move again. From the muggy buggy oh-so-deliciously sweaty capital of the United S of A, to On.

First up is Maine. Lobster country, where salty wrinkled old folk gather along the craggy wragged shore in boats to wrangle the near fabled crustaceans from the sea. Where woods abut the road and mountains lick the sky. Where blueberries grow rampant and darn near every house has beans on stalks and tomatoes on stakes. Where farmstands use the honor system and patrons use the honor system. Where I have been for approximately twenty hours. And am giving a pretty good review.

The point? I’ve begun a new adventure. Despite the brimming disbelief that filled my heart upon departure of my previous space in DC, time has moved in the forward direction and as it turns out, my path for the next few months will be taking me from the northeastern corner of the country, across the top and down the west coast. In an automobile. With some books and a camera and a computer and some sourdough starter and a pair of red pants and some snazzy new sandals and a head on my shoulders and a friend named Jim with a head on his shoulders and a nice pocketful of curiosity and a well fueled hunger for all things pretty tasty vegetabley vibrant light nutritious and enriching.

I have not been letting my fingers to the talking very much recently. So bear with me. I’ll get the hang again. Keep your eyes peeled for some nice images of nice people. And some stories. And maybe some videos.

k byebye.