On The Anatomy

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i’ve said it before. i like process. mine involves inordinate amounts of doodling, lots of notes, and lots of bad ideas.

i dream of watching my favorite artists at work on their menial tasks and frantic doodle phases. don’t mean to presume anything here, but

An Evening Of Carnivory

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Remember An Evening of Agtivism? The hordes of people, delicious foods, nourishing talks and eye-melting movie?
Ready for more?

Lucky for you, the train is coming back to Big Bear Cafe. On January 1st, we'll be putting on 'An Evening of Carnivory' to discuss and consider our relationship to the animals we eat.

It will start out with a screening of OAT, introduced by me, and as Ebineezer is introduced, our guests will be seated at a large family-style table and be served the apertif to their four-course dinner prepared by BBChef Clementina Russo.

Discussion, pork consumption and wine imbibement will be strongly encouraged throughout the evening.

There will be limited space, so please contact immediately to reserve a place for yourself, your friends, lovers, grandmothers and favourite farmers.

See you there.

On Pig Butchery & The Art of Communication

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(a short piece i wrote for the good folks at Food+Tech Connect)

Three days ago, I shot a pig with a rifle.

Immediately following, Brandon put a knife in its throat and cut both of its carotid arteries.  Blood flowed acquiescently onto the hay beneath our feet. The pig died with grace and dignity.

There is an immeasurable elegance that exists in taking the life of an animal in order to sustain lives…

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