Stitchdown Farm Signage – Hand-carved & gold leaf in charred pine.

Hand-painted MDO for Highball Social

Hand-painted MDO for Stonecutter Spirits’ Highball Social

Double-sided, hand-carved sign in charred pine with metallic gold paint.

Hand-carved & gold leaf in white oak

Painted on mirror for Babes Bar

Painted on shaped MDO

carved and painted in 8/4 rock maple, for Big Picture Farm

Carved & painted in 6/4 rock maple, for JUEL

Double-sided, charred, carved and painted metallic gold in 8/4 clear pine, for Peg & Ter’s

Hand-painted One-Shot on 2006 Ford E250

Exterior sign for Babes Bar in Bethel, Vermont. Painted double-sided MDO

Exterior sign for Creature Collective in Paonia, CO. Painted double-sided MDO

Exterior sign for ÆLDER, on Orcas Island. Carved into charred 8/4 clear pine, 40″ x 20″

Road sign for Aldrighetti Builders in Bethel, Vermont.  Double sided, painted on 30″x30″ MDO

Road sign for Stitchdown Farm. Stand is timber framed, hewn hemlock w/ hewn cherry brace & brass hardware. Sign is carved and gold-leafed in charred 8/4 pine.

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Double-sided road sign for Wild Roots in South Royalton, VT. Carved into charred 6/4 pine, 65″ x 37″

Road sign for Broad Arrow Farm in Bristol, ME. Carved and painted into 10/4 Pine, 48″ x 18″

Road Sign for Tilling Point Farm in Shavertown, PA. Carved and painted into joined 4/4 clear pine board with breadboard ends. 48″ x 60″

Market Signage for Stitchdown Farm, in Bethel, VT. Logo sign carved and painted into 5/4 live edge sugar maple, 48″ x 16″

Market signage for Stitchdown Farm. Painted on 4/4 pine.

Painted protest posters, 18″ x 24″