James Olde Mercury Godsil (video)

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To call them labrynthic would imply negativity. Give you the idea that you’ll become irrevocably entangled, wandering blindly, waiting for the Minotaur to find you and put an end to them. I would not, however, describe the way Godsil releases his words with any other metaphor. Olde’s labrynth is not made of prickly death bushes, nor does it house monsters of any sort. It guides you with densely packed metaphor framed by tomato plants. There are ornate examples, years of (r)Evolutionarily informed rhetoric, and fish. Lots of fish.

Godsil is an academic turned rebel turned roofer turned urban agricultural visionary. He is the co-founder of Sweetwater Organics, an intensive urban indoor aquaponics farm (modeled after Growing Power’s) housed in a formerly abandoned industrial building in the Bayside area of Milwaukee.

To try to describe Godsil’s personality, demeanor, essence will be to greatly demean the many facets that make him whole, but to start he is a veritable well of knowledge. An uncapped artesian aquifer, given the slightest instigation, stories and facts and figures and historical references and lessons will come pouring out of his boundless reservoir, presumably housed somewhere between his head and heart.

He is a humble man, sharing his belief that transparency and acknowledgement are key to proliferation. He is a pragmatic radical community-based agricultural activist. He is readily distractable. Excitable. He loves to share and learn and think. He’s got an active curiosity rivaled by few that have crossed my path in years. He started one of the largest, most innovative urban farms in the country two years ago. He is a Doer.

The following clip is an attempt at an introduction. A dropperful of the rich, astoundingly complex flavor of which James Olde Mercury Godsil is made.