Farmrun is an agrarian branding studio.

We specialize in branding and photography.

Selected Clients

Fare Resources, Farmhack, Farmstead Meatsmith, Fibershed, Fare Resources, Good Work Institute, Hogstone’s Wood Oven, Milkwood Permaculture, National Young Farmers Coalition, The Greenhorns, Saipua, Small Farmers Journal,

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Organic Connections
Modern Farmer
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While the computer is instrumental in the facilitation of our services, Farmrun is principally a function of the earth.

We are farmers ourselves. We work with our hands and live by the sun. We are deeply invested in tradition, we are self-taught, we are aware that perfection is a myth. We worship the forest, connect with our tools, and revere the strength required of a laborful existence. We strive, above all else, to foster the prosperity of the agrarian renaissance.

We work in all corners of the graphic design landscape, specializing in branding. All projects are led by Andrew, and teams are custom assembled for each project, based on the scope. We have tackled animated videos to book covers to identity systems and are always excited about new creative challenges.

Farmrun is the studio of Andrew Plotsky. Born and raised in Washington, DC, he is the first member among five generations of Plotskys to leave the city in pursuit of his agrarian roots.

While attending college in upstate New York, Andrew discovered that something was amiss in the strategies our country had devised to grow and deliver food to it’s people, whereupon he began working for some very talented, very patient vegetable farmers.

After college he laid out a grand plan to run across the country with his belongings in a baby jogger, documenting farms along the way. He set up a free wordpress blog to keep his mom informed, and named it Farmrun.

The run never happened, but as he traveled around the country and world in pursuit of ever more empirical knowledge and cultural context about simple, positive, land-based livelihoods, he explored photography, writing and illustration as outlets to synthesize the people, places, theories and themes he encountered.

It eventually became unavoidably apparent that the distinctly creative and agrarian sides of his life presented a marriage so deeply sensible that no other choice was available but to smoosh them together and begin down the path from which has evolved the Farmrun that exists today.

In 2011, Andrew moved to Vashon Island in the Puget Sound where he worked for three years as a meatsmith. He then moved to the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge, where he and his wife grew diversified vegetables for market as Stitchdown Farm and have since switched gears to growing and arranging flowers for events.  In February of 2015, he moved to central Vermont where the farm and Farmrun will continue their perennial evolution.

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